We are teachers, parents, and everyone else concerned about our children's futures.


Our Mission

To create a community of educators to share best practices about learning strategies and outcomes to acquire 21st century problem solving and knowledge mastery skills while maintaining compliance with state standards.


To ensure that each child receives beneficial education experiences that enable her or him to navigate the world in a successful, responsible, and contributory manner.  Love for learning, an innate desire to know and implement that knowledge throughout our lives.  

"If we do not see these changes, then I think our children’s future, the future of the American economy, and even our democracy, will be in grave jeopardy. The problem is that far too often teachers teach in the ways they have been taught, and parents want their children’s schools to look like the ones they attended. What we need are leaders who understand the need for fundamentally different approaches to education who can help parents and teachers see what’s at stake and what’s needed."

Tony Wagner, Creating Innovators

WE'RE Committed to

  • Supporting teachers
  • Sharing ideas with parents
  • Providing a forum for best practice discussion
  • Providing authentic and easily- implemented professional development
  • Maintaining an online magazine for publishing success stories/articles  
  • Teach-the-teacher podcasts and webinars
  • Blog for parents
  • Conversation around issues and solutions for parents and teachers

The Association for Innovative Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering appropriate education for all students.  The Director of the Association is Mary Ann Cyr, Co-Founder and Director of the Island Academy of Hilton Head, SC.