The Parent Conference

Hello and welcome to the first post of The Parent Conference.  My name is Mary Ann Cyr and I am a teacher,  mother of twins,  grandmother to five-year-old Jack, and Director of the Association for Innovative Education.  As a parent I spent many hours thinking about how best to help my sons, first in elementary school, then high school and college, but even though I was a teacher, I sometimes felt a little lost.  I had that nagging feeling that somehow, somewhere, someone knew how to best solve a particular problem or had a better idea that would be just the right one for my sons.  And as I talked to other parents I realized that they often had the same nagging feelings. 

So that’s what this blog will be all about.  The Parent Conference is the place where we can talk about ideas, issues, or concerns and offer suggestions to one another.  It is a place where we share what we have read or heard or seen.  It is about the books we have read or the ones our kids are reading.  It is about technology – how we use it and how our kids are using it.  And it is about the new science of learning and how it can help us help our kids. 

Each Wednesday I’ll start the conversation with a topic.  Sometimes it will come from something that’s happening in classrooms and sometimes it will come from the conversation we’re all having in this Comments section.  I’ll also make sure all our posts and comments are archived so if someone joins the conference later, she’ll be able to catch up. 

I picked the word "conference" for the title of this blog, not so much to refer to the traditional parent/teacher conference experience, but more to relate us all to the bigger meaning of conference.  When people attend conferences for their jobs, they expect to hear about new ideas, share their experiences with other attendees, and come away with a few nuggets they can try.  That’s what I want this blog to be for us – a coming together to explore, discuss, try, and evaluate – all things relating to parents and kids. 

So tell me what you think.  And let me know what you’d like to talk about.  Next Wednesday’s post is all about our phones.  I hope you’ll join me.


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