Traditional educational systems are based on the idea that parents send their children to school, teachers teach them what they need to know, and then send them home again.  Clearly, for many of our students, this system isn't working.  If our children are going to be successful, professionally and personally, they're going to need a different system - and a different attitude toward learning.  

The old system emphasized learning taking place primarily, and sometimes only, in school.  That's an idea we can no longer afford.  What we need now are people who embrace learning and never let go.  We need children who like to learn, who understand the world is changing at a rapid pace and the only way to successfully live is to keep learning - about places, people, politics, and culture.  And we parents have to help with that.  

Here you will find our blog for parents - The Parent Conference.  Each week we will post a new idea about how to help our children become lifelong learners.  Come back regularly and, more importantly, be sure to add your comments. This forum is one way we can all maintain lifelong learning ourselves.

Here you will also find books, articles, video and podcast links that also offer ideas about innovative education and parenting.  And if you find something you think valuable, please share it with us at so we can post it here.

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